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A journalist needs coffee

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So, today I learned that being a journalist is like embarking on a very ADVENTUROUS quest. You need to be prepared for everything.

Eric (Woody) took our team out to a home that houses teens from Juvenile Hall or gangs on the streets and provides them with a home and bible study. It was amazing being able to go in and meet amazing people who do all sort of amazing things. Yes, I know I’m being very vague but its because I am very very worn out from today’s events. I’m pretty sure I gained a lot of arm muscle today. I had to record an interview with a mono-pod in one hand while videotaping with a Flip in the other hand for a GOOD amount of time. My arms were ready to drop.

After our stop at the care home, we skipped on along to Dolores Park, a very sunny place! Good thing I wore shorts! I got to take a lot of pictures, and an amazing picture of an ice cream man! I love the picture, I really do, and I hope you have a chance to see it. After taking the picture of the ice cream man I had to go up to him and ask for his name and how long he had been selling ice cream for. It turned out that he couldn’t speak English, so I got to use my horrible Spanish speaking skills. Hurray.

After taking pictures of all the hipsters and kids at the park we headed back to Eric(Bieber)’s car which we had borrowed. However, while we were crossing the street, we spotted a white car which looked veryvery much like Eric(Bieber)’s car being towed away by a tow truck! Uhoh… So Eric(Woody) helplessly chased the tow truck up the street (I caught it on tape), but was not fast enough. Eric(Woody) ended up having to ride with another tow trucker to pick up Eric(Bieber)’s car. He was fined $385 dollars PLUS another parking fee of like $75. So sad, but it’s okay because Eric(Woody) was able to get a good quote from the woman who was riding with him in the tow truck (the $385 quote)! So while Eric(Woody) was paying his fees and picking up Eric(Bieber)’s car, the rest of the team (including me) had to walk several blocks to find a cab to take us back to SFSU. It felt good to finally get some EXERCISE! By the time we arrived back at SFSU we were all tired, de-hydrated, hungry, and yah.

So about my story. I was able to get a source from the city, some person named Rich Hillis who I hope will call me back tomorrow! I’m having a bit of trouble writing up my questions. To make things easier, my document was not saved and all the previous question that I had prepared were ERASED and GONE, so I had to write them up again. Tomorrow is going to be so much more TIRING. I’m going to be gone for the whole DAY including going to Hayes Valley Farm for my interviews! But I’m excited, I’m definitely going to need A LOT of coffee tomorrow morning.

So basically, I’ve become a Twitter addict, and I blame it on Eric(Bieber) who blocked Facebook. It’s already 9:48pm, time flies when you’re having fun…so I’ll stop my mumbling for today.

Lot of love to everyone who love me back (especially my sister who I hope is reading this),

Hannah Hyun Hello Kitty Kim


Written by Hannah Cloud

July 15, 2010 at 10:33 am

Posted in students

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